Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Seasonal Style #6

Words: mid-season, neon, staples, transitional style, statement.

Total Price: £82.98

Price breakdown: Cherry jersey skater skirt £9.99, Light acid wash army jacket £50.00,  Zigzag snood £16.00, Top £6.99.
Availability: Skirt @ Internacionale, Jacket @ River Island, Snood @ Topshop, Top @ H&M.

Monday, 28 January 2013

My Closet: Neon, Florals & Jogger Pants

Prices: Dress £4.00, Jogger pants £26.00, Jumper £12.99
Availability: Dress @H&M, Jogger pants @Next, Jumper @New Look.

The most recent additions to my closet are...

 I must admit I wasn't exactly taken with the dress until I saw the price tag and then my sales head took over and now it's in my closet! I think it'll go great with my leather jacket for a harsh florals look- which is reminiscent of the H&M Spring look book. 
Although the quality isn't great- it's that awful stretchy material so I fear the colours may fade after a few washes- for £4 from £24.99 I can't really moan!

One of the big trends of Spring, as seen in the Hot List, is neon but no matter how fashionable it is I always seem to steer clear due to the intense fear of looking washed out and ill.  However, when I saw this jumper in New Look I thought "What the hell- I'll try it on" and surprisingly it looked great. I think it's because the white pigments ensure it's not too bright- not sickly bright.
The winning factor for me though was the back detail (which you can't see, sorry!) it has super cute white buttons falling vertically, and I feel like this adds a touch of uniqueness which distinguishes it from the cheaper designs available from Primark (for example). 

Finally, I've seen jogger pants/ jersey pants/ harem pants (whatever you want to call them!) in Warehouse, Topshop, Oasis and Next over the past couple of weeks so I thought I'd give them a try as they look really comfortable. 
As a petite girl I rarely find bottoms that fit so these were a nice surprise, they didn't swamp me and because of the elasticated waist they give me more of a shape too. Definite win, although I feel £26 may be a bit steep- I justified them by promising myself that they'll be my statement bottoms throughout spring/ summer! (blatent lie)

Have you treated yourself to anything nice recently? 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday's Fashion Find #1

The Snood.
A fashionable friend during the transition between yucky snow and warmer temperatures.

Prices: 1. £16.50, 2. £14.00, 3. £15.00, 4. £16.00, 5. £18.00, 6. £16.50
Availability: 1. Vera Moda, 2. Topshop, 3. River Island, 4. River Island, 5. Topshop, 6. Vera Moda

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Perfume Dupes #1

Working in Fragrance definitely has a few perks, one of which I am eager to share with you all- the dupes. 

The myths that celebrity perfumes are a complete waste of time, and that cheaper options always equal to nothing on your skin, are exactly that- myths.
To ensure the quality of a perfume buy it from a good store- simple. To ensure the fragrance is long lasting and smells beautiful on the skin, try it on and walk away. 
(EDP in theory lasts longer than EDT but again it is a matter of personal matching)

In this series I'll advise you on cheaper options for some top end favourites as this is the question I'm always being asked. 
Although I've worked in fragrance for years and completed many an exam on the topic (yawn!) it still is a matter of opinion, so if you are interested in any of the below recommendations remember to try before you buy just to be sure!

Let me know what your thoughts are on this series and if it's helped any of you save some hard-earned pennies!


1. Gucci "Rush">> Tulisa "The Female Boss"

30ml EDT £36.50>> 50ml EDP £11.99

2. Armani "Diamonds">> Steps "Guilty Pleasure"

30ml EDP £36.50>> 100ml EDT £9.99

3. Diesel "Loverdose">> TOWIE "Love Addict"
30ml EDP £28.99>> 100ml EDT £9.99

4. Narciso Rodriguez "For Her">> Sarah Jessica Parker "Lovely"

50ml EDP £55.99>> 30ml EDP £24.50

& One for the boys...

1. Paco Rabanne "One Million">> Voi "Voi Jeans"

50ml EDT £37.99>> 100ml EDT £9.99

[All prices are correct when this post is published; they can fluctuate. All prices are from The Fragrance Shop except Narcisco Rodriguez which is from The Perfume Shop]

Monday, 21 January 2013

Trending: White Accessories

The last in the three part series on the glories of all that is white; and arguably the best has arrived last with a whole feast of accessories ready to be devoured!

Whether you're planning to indulge in the monochrome trend, the floral trend or the pastels this Spring a white accessory will serve you well. 

If you're not quite ready to commit to the white bowler bag or the white shoes then a small accessory is the way to go. Not only the cheaper and less risky option (snow=sludge=blemished white, argh!!) but these options are also the easiest way of adding something fresh into your outfit; think block colours, clean cut and a large move away from the dullness of A/W!

So, take a look at what the high street is offering us...

Prices: 1. £13.00, 2. £2.99, 3. £15.00, 4. £6.50, 5. £6.50, 6. £4.99
Availability: 1. River Island, 2. Internacionale, 3. Next, 4. Topshop, 5. Topshop, 6. New Look

Friday, 18 January 2013

New Brand: "Crown and Glory"

"floral bobby pin sets, whimsical floral crowns, on-trend turbans, wedding worthy fascinators and beyond!"

 "Whimsical" is definitely the most fitting way to describe Crown and Glory creations. Adorning the prettiest of heads since 2010 it's obvious to anyone why the brand has produced multiple must-have accessories.

From giant bows and turbans to full bouquets: almost any style of decorative headgear you can imagine is available to order and can be on your head as soon as. And the best thing? Each item is handmade to order so you know for sure no-one will be walking down your road with the exact same item- very, very similar but not the same!

The brand has featured extensively in Company magazine and Grazia, and the accessories are instantly recognisable on many a blogger website such as the ever-popular LLYMLRS and Zoella

Perfect for the upcoming Spring months when floral trends are inevitable, and already seeping into our high streets via New Look and Warehouse, a purchase from Crown and Glory will be one you won't regret.
Products start from a mere £4 depending how much decoration your cranum can take! And, with the current sale you could snap up the ultimate bargain if you move quickly.

Don't take my word for it though:
Visit Crown and Glory here and see what wonders they have to offer!

[Just to clarify: with the "New Brand/New Blogger" posts the term "New" is used in reference to my recent knowledge of them, not whether or not they are new in their business]

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Closet: Monochrome Fur Coat

Price: £55.00
Availability: River Island

I simply could not resist this jacket when I saw it in River Island this week. 
It was originally available a month or so before Christmas, but I think it was took off sale because it wasn't going to be discounted in the January Sales. 

So, shopping this week minding my own business and it pops out at me again!
 I have this terrible habit where I spend vouchers and gift cards like they aren't actually money, so... this is how this purchase arrived in my hands (thanks Auntie Debbie for the gift cards!)

I must admit it isn't the most sensible purchase because fur is usually kept for the Winter months, BUT in my defence monochrome is huge this upcoming season and it's still really cold!

It may have been one of my crazier purchases (my Dad says I resemble an Essex girl in it!) but it's just so cute, don't you think?!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Insert: Topshop 'Mom Jeans'

The model for Topshop most definitely wears them better than I do, but in the interests of fashion (and comfort...mostly comfort) I've been rocking the 'mom' jeans since early November. And, although their guest appearence on this blog was deleted shortly after it was announced, I thought I'd bring them back in this little insert as Topshop have announced their formal Spring Preview and their version of my Levi's are soon to go down a storm I'm sure...

Cute, comfortable, versatile and they make your bum look amazing (don't take notice of these terrible photo's!), what's not to love?!

If you are interested in this Spring trend then Topshop's version of the 501's are available in stores and online here 

Friday, 11 January 2013

My Closet: Tommy Hilfiger Dress

When I opened this dress on Christmas Day I fell in love again! I say "again" because I'd forgotten that I had actually chosen it months ago during one of my families shopping trips to London. 

It was bought from a vintage stall in Camden Market for only £15, and I think that's one of the reasons I love it. I know some vintage shops nowadays can be ridiculously expensive, so I tend to avoid them, but markets like Camden and charity shops make me excited about vintage again. This is what vintage is all about: awkward sizing, making it work for yourself, and saving £££'s!

I teamed it with my new bomber jacket (post here) for a boyish look, and have been wearing it all over town since!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Trending: White Shoes

The second part in the White Accessories series is here, and it's all about your feet! It's only right that we focus on tootsies now as my nan always told me that your shoes should match your bag, soooo... white, white, white!

As early as last October Elle magazine was promoting white shoes in opposition to the boring black, and the high street has finally caught up with the following offerings:

Prices: 1. White perforated hidden wedge boat shoes £30.00 2. White metal toe slipper shoes £25.00 3. Fish scale design platform court shoes £19.50 4. Martina t-bar geek shoes in white £30.00 5. AEROBIC2 paisley wedge hi-tops £45.00 
Availability: 1. River Island 2. River Island 3. Limited Collection at Marks and Spencers 4. Topshop 5. Topshop

Monday, 7 January 2013

Insert: Spring Collections (3)

Mixed Neutrals. Straight Silhouettes. Blue. 

Vera Moda.
Floral. Block Colours. Basics.

Military. Luxe. Bold Prints.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My Closet: NYE Baroque Dress

Price: Baroque tapestry skater style dress £40.00
Availability: River Island
I thought for the new My Closet post I'd show you what I wore on New Years Eve last night, as it's topical and a new addition to my wardrobe courtesy of Santa.

This tapestry dress was perfect for the occasion as it's so thick, and I spent my New Year going in and out of bars whilst waiting for the fireworks to begin in the city centre. I paired it with my shoe boots and leather jacket with fur collar as I wanted to be warm outside but look good inside: I didn't want to be freezing or have to peel off the layers and resemble a sweaty snowman! 

The dress is also perfect for my shape as it goes in at the waist and I have an extremely petite waist compared to my hips, so it was complimentary without being uncomfortable. I'd definitely recommend this for hourglass figures or those aiming to accentuate their waists.

Although the baroque trend flowed through A/W12 I know I''ll get lots of wear out of this as I spend my life in patterned clothing, so whether baroque is in or out next Winter I'm sure I'll be here in the same dress (maybe just styling it a little differently).

I know dresses similar to these are still available in River Island (here) so if you like what you see you can still pick one up, and there's a different range of colours now too perfect for Spring (think Pink)!

Happy New Year!