Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Into the Closet: January


 i. Neon dip hem skirt- Topshop- Sale £7.00- similar here

ii. "H" initial necklace- Primark- £1.50

iii. Side split nautical maxi skirt- Primark- £12.00

iii. Petite purple flecked roll sleeve dress- Topshop- £18.00- similar here

iiii. Blue crinkle style maxi skirt- Primark- £8.00

i. ELF hoard: Powder brush- £3.75/ Studio mineral powder brush- £3.75/ Fan brush £1.50/ Eyeshadow brush £1.50/ Nail polish in "Nude" £1.00/ Studio eyebrow kit in "Dark" £3.75- ELF website 

ii. ELF nail polishes £1.00 each "Dark navy" "Nude" "Smokin' hot" "Matte finisher" "Metal madness" -ELF website 

iii. Botanics Super Balm- £3.99- Boots / Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment- £7.99- Boots/ Origins super spot serum- £9.00- Outlet store/ Ponds Hydronourishing Cream- £4.49- Superdrug

iiii. MAC eyeshadow in "Short Shorts" (Frost)- £7.00- outlet store/ ELF eyelid primer in "Sheer"- £1.50- ELF website 


i. Taking too many photo's of my kitten whilst enjoying my home comforts!

ii. Indulging in many a Krispy Kreme after sneaking home from University to see my parents for a weekend.

iii. Books I'm currently reading for the English side of my degree: Trumpet, Oroonoko, The Restoration Comedies, Roxana, Gullivers Travels, Empire Writing. If you're interested in true life reads then check out Trumpet for a great fictional account based on the life of Billy Tipton (a male Jazz musician who was discovered to be a woman at death). If you're in for some bawdy comedy however, the restoration comedies are hilarious- who knew 17th century ladies and gents were doing so much bed- hopping?!

iiii. The ELF nude nail colour that I got ALOT of compliments on this month. 
Although hit and miss, when the ELF nail polishes are true to form they are great for me as they don't budge even when I'm at work and spraying perfume continously; other brands including Chanel and Dior rub off at the first spray due to the condensed alcohol in the fragrances.

v. Alongside the stack from Uni, I'm loving reading Peter Pan by J. M Barrie. 
Peter Pan is my favourite Disney film, and reading the real story is like rediscovering my Childhood imagination. I know Cath Kidston does a copy of this story also, so if you're looking for any gift ideas for Valentines I completely recommend this book!

vi. As part of my ploy to put on weight I've stocked up on the ever so nutritious complan; it not only tastes amazing when added to hot milk but it has loads of vitamins and minerals in so I'm going to be one healthy lady.


  1. I love Elf products! :)

    xx MJ

  2. Cute post!