Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Closet: Levi Jeans

I picked up many a fashionable item at the "Clothes Show Live" which was in Birmingham recently but my favourite has to be these Levi's! They were a complete bargain at only £15 from a Vintage stand, and I saw a few people on the day wearing them in a style I aim to replicate soon.

I love the high-waisted look with the cuffs rolled up: I'm certain this makes me look curvier than usual and I'm all for that! The only problem with them is the size; as I'm sure you're all aware the Levi's sizing is forever tricky and if you're ever looking to buy a pair of the shorts or jeans you will most likely be in the shop forever attempting to find a decent fit. I did try this pair on before purchasing but at the Clothes Show you can't really spend time analysing the fit, so I bought them in a haste and as a result this size is a little too big which results in an unsightly pouch forming at the crotch. 

I love them anyway because they are so comfortable and will certainly last for years to come (Levi Jeans are amazing quality), but can't help wishing they were a little snugger!

If you would like a pair of these jeans or wish to delve into the Levi's brand then I know you can get them at all Urban Outfitters stores as well as the Levi's shops. However I would suggest looking around (charity shops, vintage stores, markets etc) as they can be quite overpriced on the high street.


  1. Levi's makes good jeans!

    1. They do indeed, the quality is amazing shame about the awkward sizes though! x

  2. I love Levi's! They always have such amazing jeans with such a great fit!

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