Saturday, 15 December 2012

Trending: Topshop Chunky Heels

Topshop's new shoe collection is filled with exaggerated chunky heels and embellishment.

From wooden to rubber the heels of the shoes are definitely something to behold, and the emphasis on the chunky and cut out heels is going to continue far into 2013.

Topshop has many styles to choose from, some less risky than others, so it is well worth a visit to your local store to check the new range out. Take advantage of the metallic embellishments available too (studs, buckles, sequins etc.) and make the shoe the statement piece of any outfit!

Prices: 1. Burgundy anchor cut out buckle boots £75.00,  2. Sellout open toe platforms £65.00, 3. Jaja multi buckle mid shoe £78.00, 4. Lucky high vamp leather heels £70.00, 5. Lord pearl embellished heels £72.00
Availability: all from Topshop, visit the store online here