Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Trending: Christmas Leggings

Price: Leggings £10.00, Jumper £14.99
Availability: New Look in store or online

So, I've been seeing these patterned leggings on everyone lately and I have to admit I absolutely hated them, but in the interests of pledging myself to the season I decided to scour the high street for a pair I could bare to wear. Eventually this New Look version fell into my hands: I picked them due to the colour, the quality and the price (a mere £10- a rival for even Primark versions!). I decided to pair them with a oversized jumper for a cuddly look, and also as an a attempt to mirror this H&M Lana Del Ray outfit New Look style.

How to wear...

With these leggings you need to ensure to get a good quality as, like all leggings do, they stretch so you don't want to put them on and have that awful thing happen where the pattern looks faded because the material is rubbish quality and not elasticated enough.
I can say honestly this New Look design were a great quality.

Also, ensure you get a colour and pattern that is suited to your needs and your already established wardrobe: you don't want to have to rush out and buy lots of new plain tees because your statement piece is TOO much of a statement.

The best way to wear these leggings is to embrace the festive spirit! Pull on your woolley jumpers and thick knits over the top of them and layer them up, embracing the colours and the warmth. Stick to plain, block colours on top and cute shoes and socks on the bottom and steer clear of ugg boots as you don't want to look outweighed with heavy feet! I think these outfit is perfect for a cold day out in town, or lounging around inside with a hot coco!