Friday, 18 January 2013

New Brand: "Crown and Glory"

"floral bobby pin sets, whimsical floral crowns, on-trend turbans, wedding worthy fascinators and beyond!"

 "Whimsical" is definitely the most fitting way to describe Crown and Glory creations. Adorning the prettiest of heads since 2010 it's obvious to anyone why the brand has produced multiple must-have accessories.

From giant bows and turbans to full bouquets: almost any style of decorative headgear you can imagine is available to order and can be on your head as soon as. And the best thing? Each item is handmade to order so you know for sure no-one will be walking down your road with the exact same item- very, very similar but not the same!

The brand has featured extensively in Company magazine and Grazia, and the accessories are instantly recognisable on many a blogger website such as the ever-popular LLYMLRS and Zoella

Perfect for the upcoming Spring months when floral trends are inevitable, and already seeping into our high streets via New Look and Warehouse, a purchase from Crown and Glory will be one you won't regret.
Products start from a mere £4 depending how much decoration your cranum can take! And, with the current sale you could snap up the ultimate bargain if you move quickly.

Don't take my word for it though:
Visit Crown and Glory here and see what wonders they have to offer!

[Just to clarify: with the "New Brand/New Blogger" posts the term "New" is used in reference to my recent knowledge of them, not whether or not they are new in their business]


  1. I bought the burgundy whole lotta rose crown the other day. Can't wait to receive it. xx


    1. Great choice! Thanks for commenting :) x

  2. Hey,

    I am loving these crowns! There are super cute and love the variety. I think you need a certain edge though to really pull wearing one of these off.

    I have just created a new blog - please come visit :)