Monday, 28 January 2013

My Closet: Neon, Florals & Jogger Pants

Prices: Dress £4.00, Jogger pants £26.00, Jumper £12.99
Availability: Dress @H&M, Jogger pants @Next, Jumper @New Look.

The most recent additions to my closet are...

 I must admit I wasn't exactly taken with the dress until I saw the price tag and then my sales head took over and now it's in my closet! I think it'll go great with my leather jacket for a harsh florals look- which is reminiscent of the H&M Spring look book. 
Although the quality isn't great- it's that awful stretchy material so I fear the colours may fade after a few washes- for £4 from £24.99 I can't really moan!

One of the big trends of Spring, as seen in the Hot List, is neon but no matter how fashionable it is I always seem to steer clear due to the intense fear of looking washed out and ill.  However, when I saw this jumper in New Look I thought "What the hell- I'll try it on" and surprisingly it looked great. I think it's because the white pigments ensure it's not too bright- not sickly bright.
The winning factor for me though was the back detail (which you can't see, sorry!) it has super cute white buttons falling vertically, and I feel like this adds a touch of uniqueness which distinguishes it from the cheaper designs available from Primark (for example). 

Finally, I've seen jogger pants/ jersey pants/ harem pants (whatever you want to call them!) in Warehouse, Topshop, Oasis and Next over the past couple of weeks so I thought I'd give them a try as they look really comfortable. 
As a petite girl I rarely find bottoms that fit so these were a nice surprise, they didn't swamp me and because of the elasticated waist they give me more of a shape too. Definite win, although I feel £26 may be a bit steep- I justified them by promising myself that they'll be my statement bottoms throughout spring/ summer! (blatent lie)

Have you treated yourself to anything nice recently? 


  1. Lovely picks! I especially love the pants. I really need to go shopping sometime soon. [:


    1. They are so comfortable! Thanks for commenting :) x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I hope you like the blog! x

  3. Aw your jogger pants and jumper look so comfy! Need!

    Lela -

    1. Yes, definite must haves for this weather! x

  4. I love the dress, cannot believe it was £4!! What a bargain :o

  5. really love the jogging bottoms and pink top combo!

    looks gorgeous! xx

  6. Hey lovely, I've nominated you for the Liebster award! You can see my post about it here xx

  7. LOVE that pants !!

    x Liyana