Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Perfume Dupes #1

Working in Fragrance definitely has a few perks, one of which I am eager to share with you all- the dupes. 

The myths that celebrity perfumes are a complete waste of time, and that cheaper options always equal to nothing on your skin, are exactly that- myths.
To ensure the quality of a perfume buy it from a good store- simple. To ensure the fragrance is long lasting and smells beautiful on the skin, try it on and walk away. 
(EDP in theory lasts longer than EDT but again it is a matter of personal matching)

In this series I'll advise you on cheaper options for some top end favourites as this is the question I'm always being asked. 
Although I've worked in fragrance for years and completed many an exam on the topic (yawn!) it still is a matter of opinion, so if you are interested in any of the below recommendations remember to try before you buy just to be sure!

Let me know what your thoughts are on this series and if it's helped any of you save some hard-earned pennies!


1. Gucci "Rush">> Tulisa "The Female Boss"

30ml EDT £36.50>> 50ml EDP £11.99

2. Armani "Diamonds">> Steps "Guilty Pleasure"

30ml EDP £36.50>> 100ml EDT £9.99

3. Diesel "Loverdose">> TOWIE "Love Addict"
30ml EDP £28.99>> 100ml EDT £9.99

4. Narciso Rodriguez "For Her">> Sarah Jessica Parker "Lovely"

50ml EDP £55.99>> 30ml EDP £24.50

& One for the boys...

1. Paco Rabanne "One Million">> Voi "Voi Jeans"

50ml EDT £37.99>> 100ml EDT £9.99

[All prices are correct when this post is published; they can fluctuate. All prices are from The Fragrance Shop except Narcisco Rodriguez which is from The Perfume Shop]


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  2. Oh wow what an interesting read :) really loved this post!!

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  3. Narciso Rodriguez ia my favourite fragance but it's so expensive,I definitely have to chech out the alternative option hehe, thanks for sharing!
    Maria C

    1. Yeah definetly see if its to your liking, it would be great to save a few pennies :) x

  4. Its great to have dupes. Your the best person for the job lol

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  5. Hi just found your blog! Woah great post, really original haven't seen any like this before?
    I love the 1 million fragrance so this is great to know :) Lovely post.

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I appreciate each and every one :) would love to follow you! x